34' Tow Behind Niftylift

34' Tow Behind Niftylift: 1 of 5
  • Tow Behind Niftylift (2018)
  • $18,500 plus tax

TM34T is a versatile trailer mount. It has retractable axles that allow it to pass through a 3' 7" wide opening or doorway.

The TM34T comes with manual outriggers

Operation is quick and easy due to fully proportional controls and its versatile battery power pack enables the TM34T to work inside and out quietly with zero emissions.

Machine Height6' 3"
Working Height40' 6"
Machine Width4' 11"
Machine Retractable Width3' 7"
Machine Working Width8' 10"
Cage Width3' 7"
Platform Height34'
Working Outreach16' 6"
Safe Working Load500 lbs
Machine Length18' 10"

36" John Deere Ditch Bucket

36" John Deere Ditch Bucket: 1 of 2
  • Quick Attach Ditch Bucket
  • Brand New
  • $1080 plus tax

76" John Deere Bucket

76" John Deere Bucket: 1 of 2
  • Bucket with Cutting Edge
  • Brand New
  • $890 plus tax

John Deere 17G Excavator

John Deere 17G Excavator: 1 of 3
  • 17G Mini Excavator (2018)
  • 549 hours
  • $18,500 plus tax

Variable-width undercarriage, reduced-tail-swing design, and independent swing boom allow the 17G to navigate narrow openings and work in tight quarters with ease.

Rubber tracks’ unique steel cores resist cracking. Large-diameter drive sprockets and track idlers further increase undercarriage durability.

Go from backhoe- to excavator-style controls with just a twist of your wrist. Control pattern selector valve is conveniently located in a compartment beneath the seat and includes a sight glass that displays the selected pattern.

Max. Digging Depth2.19 m (7 ft. 2 in.)
Operating Weight1720 kg (3,790 lb.)

Toro Dingo 1000

Toro Dingo 1000: 1 of 6
  • Toro Dingo TX 1000 with Bucket
  • $28,000 plus tax

Multiple Available

  • Used Machine - 259 hrs
  • Perfect working condition
  • Financing Available

The Toro Dingo is a lightweight maneuverable machine that packs unmatched strength and reach in a compact package for the ultimate working advantage. The 1,000 pound rated operating capacity makes the TX 1000 a powerful, compact alternative to larger skid steer loaders and other machines.

  • Vertical lift loader arms allow the TX 1000 to lift and transport heavy loads with an operating capacity of 1,000 lbs.
  • The 81” (206 cm) hinge pin height allows attachments to easily clear the side of 30-yard dumpsters or one-ton trucks.
  • Ideal for any jobsite on any surface, even sand or loose gravel.
  • The narrow model is just 33.7” (86 cm) wide and fits through standard 36” gates. At just 41” (104 cm) wide, the wide-track model is also easy to maneuver.
  • Three simple controls let operators get to work fast. 1. Curl, dump or float the bucket while raising or lowering the loader arms with one hand using the joystick.2 Grab the one-handed traction drive from any angle for effortless control. 3 Activate the auxiliary circuit control lever to power the attachments instantly.